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Get the personalized support of top industry experts, executive coaches, and dedicated recruiters to accelerate your remote job search.

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Professionals work on jobs they dislike.

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Candidates get rejected for preventable reasons.

Torre Access is an accelerator program designed to help you get remote job success.

Get professional support with:

01. Designing your optimal career path

02. Generating a flow of professional opportunities

03. Acing interviews and technical tests

04. Selling yourself

This is the process through which you build a bullet-proof career 🛡 if you are:

Looking for a career change, unemployed given the circumstances, or looking for your first job.

Willing to design an intentional professional path.

Looking  for remote work alternatives in your country,
or around the world

Intending to discover your purpose 
and a higher motivation 
to work.

A personalized experience offering you more of what you need, and less of what you don’t:

Gain more self-awareness on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Increase your pipeline of job opportunity referrals.

Find remote jobs methodically, increase your pipeline of jobs found.

Increase your network of relevant connections, build new meaningful connections.

Position, pitch, and sell yourself when engaging recruiters, hiring managers, founders, and directors.

Arrive fully prepared at each stage of a recruiting process with training, 1-1 coaching, and behind-the-scenes insights.

Find the best remote job for you  ✨

Meet our team of experts 🤝 👩‍🚀

Let us explain the secret weapon of top-performing founders, managers, and directors.

Coaches 🤝

A professional certified and prepared to help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, and what is success to you to trace your path to your dream job.



Coach certified by the ICF, Winner of the Excellence Award “We work and win as a team” by Bavaria, she has worked as Professional Coach, Founding Partner of Locative, and within Bavaria as Brand Coordinator, Specialist in national promotions, and in the development team of new products.

Advisors ⚙️

Top managers in the role type you are interested in to understand your technical skills, position in the market, opportunities, how you can succeed at technical assessments, and make your profile attractive and visible to the industry.

Recruitment Advisors 📝

Your advisor has the experience recruiting talent for the role of your dream and will help you to understand selection processes and become the best candidate when applying to job opportunities.

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To qualify you must:
Be willing to invest at least 3 hours weekly in your job search.
Be looking for opportunities related to these areas:


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Certified Coach by the ICF, IACTM y TCTN. He has worked as Director of Latam Marketing, Director of Marketing Cinemax Latin America and Brazil at HBO, Co-founder at Frank & Stein, Vp Accounts at ARS DDB, Group Director at Erickson, Head of Sales IT Smart Infra ICT - Andean Zone at Schneider Electric.



Certified Coach of the USAT, Founder of MASFE NEW IT, Investor at CMG Investments, and partner at BINNOPS and ECOVISSales Director. He has worked within some Fortune 5000 companies such as IBM, Huawei, AT&T, Makro, Accenture, NCR, and Century Link. 



He has more than 7 years of experience within the tech industry. We work as Chief Lead Analyst in, Google Developer Expert Machine Learning, and has worked as Member Of The Board Of Advisors at World Tech and Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Cerberus Data AI.



He is the Spanish SEO Strategist at HubSpot Latam and Iberia. Over the last four years, he co-led the strategy and operations behind online businesses and growth projects, e.g., Blockchain A-Z Kickstarter Campaign: 2,557 Backers (AU$112k Raised) and Artificial Intelligence A-Z Kickstarter Campaign: 2,826 Backers (AU$203k Raised).



UX/UI designer at Accenture, with more than 10 years of experience in visual design, she is the founder of Xor Media Lab whose clients are: 3M, Toshiba Latam, Bosch, Grupo Prisa, ETB, and Bogota Fashion Week.



IT recruiter specialist at OnTop, with more than 5 years of experience recruiting Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, Technical Support Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, UX/UI Designers, Data Architects, and Scrum Masters.



Product Designer at UTEL, Professor at Platzi, Lecturer, Disseminator of the approach of girls and women to Science and Technology, Programmer at the León International Film Festival Technology Adviser at the International Alternative Media Film Festival, and a member of the Association of Women in Film and Television Mexico.

Jose Luis


Recruiter expert for roles related to tech skills in companies from the US, Canada, and Europe. He works at Coders Now recruiting and mentoring people on how to perform technical interview problems with SQL and Python.

How does Torre Access Work? 🚀

You will receive an offer depending on your job requirements, current financial situation, compensation aspirations, and the needs our program will support you through.

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Liliana Merchán got the support network she needed to accelerate her career and find her next best remote job.

A program for you if you don't want to be a part of these frightening statistics:

Julián Vega found more than a remote job as a Software Engineer paying 4x his prior salary. He found a support network, and most importantly, a purpose.

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